Where the journey begins.

Hi, I’m Jezee Guico, Founder of Guicaux Travel & Tours Co. At Guicaux Travel, we make travel dreams into reality. Tailoring every itinerary to the individual client’s personal travel style, we help families, first-time travelers, solo travelers and busy professionals create amazing experiences. Taking away the burden of booking and planning, we provide safe, fun and reliable travel, allowing you to explore the world with ease.

“Behind me is the Budapest Castle in Hungary.”

A flight attendant for a low-cost domestic carrier and a 5 star international carrier for more than eight years, I have a deep love for travel. Learning and understanding other cultures through immersion touches a person’s heart and makes them more kind and humble. The lifestyle of waking up in a different country every few days is addictive – breakfast in France, afternoon tea in England, or a nice relaxing massage in Thailand. I’ve personally visited more than 60 countries and that number keeps increasing.

I started Guicaux Travel to inspire others to travel, explore the world, and expand cultural intelligence. My career in travel planning began simply. Because of my vast experience, family and friends began asking me to help them plan their own trips. Since I’d already visited most of the places they wanted to go, I started booking their itineraries, providing extremely detailed advise on each location so my friends wouldn’t miss anything along the way. Sharing my experiences and helping others made me so happy, I decided to expand and make it my business. At Guicaux Travel, our tour packages are carefully crafted to allow you to experience the best everything each location has to offer – food, people, sights, sounds.

Our itineraries are created with direct input from locals and include specific insider travel tips based on personal experience. We are your trusted travel companion, the friend who’s been there before and will take you by the hand and show you the wonders of each new place. Let’s go explore together.